Digital Worker Solutions for Healthcare RCM

Improve Patient Outcomes with Our Digital Worker Blueprints for Healthcare

Launch in weeks with purpose-built digital worker blueprints designed to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Amplify Your Healthcare Workforce

Doctors waste up to two-thirds of their time on paperwork, and it’s not just them. The health sector is filled with unnecessary administrative tasks which cost upwards of $1 trillion annually. Eliminate this unnecessary labor with Ampliforce’s digital workers, and free your staff to focus on what matters — patient outcomes.

Gain Deep Insights

Improve workflows through advanced data collection and analytics.

Reduce Overhead

Optimize the entire revenue cycle and eliminate errors and overspending.

Eliminate Busywork

Free your best people to contribute where they’ll have the greatest impact.

Better Outcomes

Provide an incredible experience from patient access to post-care to ensure the best outcome possible.

Digitize. Automate. Transform.

Built through a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and RPA, Ampliforce’s data-driven digital workers are built with one goal in mind — to help you along in your digital transformation journey. 
With a visual development environment and data transformation functionality, they offer everything you need to bring your RCM processes into the future. 

What Can Ampliforce's Digital Workers Do?

Explore the digital worker blueprints ready for immediate deployment in your organization.

Claim Statusing




Denied Claim Attachments

VA Claims

Provider Level Balances

Undistributed Patient Adjustments

Over Posted Payments

A Purpose Built
Digital Workforce

Unlock the creative power of your best people and fill gaps in your team with AI-powered coworkers perfectly aligned to your exact use cases.

  • Embrace the latest technology and trends
  • Provide a better employee experience
  • More accurate processing and reporting
  • Solve administrative backlogs

A Cost Effective

Increase revenue capture and reduce unnecessary spending from front to back office.

  • No license fees
  • Integrate with any commercial solution via an API-first approach
  • Choose between performance, per-claim, or fixed pricing
  • Multiple frameworks for ROI measurement

A Better Way to
Manage Patient Care

Modernize the patient experience, and promote better relationships between patient and caregiver.

  • Streamline inpatient and outpatient management
  • Address gaps in care with automated outreach
  • Reduce insurance claim denials
  • Reduce clerical errors and avoidable write-offs.

A Solution Supported
by Experts

Leveraging a network of SMEs that have mastered process re-engineering, we have the fastest process identification to delivery time in the market — without sacrificing quality.

  • Identify your highest-value use cases and launch in weeks
  • Pre-configured blueprints for both front office and back office tasks.
  • 24/7 support from RCM experts, automation architects, and more.
  • Managed production, monitoring, maintenance change management, & reporting

Explore Our Digital Worker Blueprints for Healthcare RCM

Improve patient care by reducing avoidable write-offs, time to collect, and administrative work through intelligent automation and digital worker blueprints.