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The Digital Worker Difference

Unlike chatbots and other simple automation, Digital Workers are highly intelligent, dynamically adaptive, user deployable, and fully transparent. 

Digital Workers perform work that  previously required human intelligence. They apply intelligence to orchestration, optimization, computations, analysis and business logic. 

By collaborating with humans, digital workers empower us to do what we do best, think and act creatively.

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Enterprise-class SOFTWARE

Ready to Work for You

Digital workers are enterprise-class software, configured and ready-to-work for you. 

They feature robust enterprise-proven security, fault tolerance, compliance audits, performance management and more. 

Each worker is configured with the specific technology, skills and business logic you need. They are then validated for both function and interoperability with your IT infrastructure

No long integration projects, no custom software stacks, no expensive configuration and deployment.

Digital Worker a modern digital workers leaping across boundaries
Digital Worker a modern digital workers leaping across boundaries


Ampliforce digital workers enriched our research process by providing access to new insights from traditional and non-traditional information sources.


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The value of Digital Workers is virtually limitless.

Our CEO’s soon to be released book, The Digital Worker Mandate, shares the ins and outs of their compelling value.

Download the chapter to explore how these workers change the way we work to increase revenue, decrease costs, mitigate risk, and fuel employee engagement.

Amplified Productivity

Why Digital Workers?

Digital workers operate 24 x 7 to optimize the complex workflows that drive your business, empowering human workers to focus on high-value work.

“The three key value propositions we see with Digital Workers are:

Scale multiplier

Giving us the ability to create greater scale with the same staff headcount through efficiency and automation.

Staff assistants

Giving us the ability to direct mundane work to digital channels while more complex tasks can be addressed by staff.


Giving us the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data in a relatively short period of time and allow staff to focus on actionable insights from the data."
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George Marootian
EVP, Head of Technology

Beyond Automation

What Makes a Digital Worker?

Digital workers are a blend of technology, skills, and logic, validated for interoperability, compliance and accuracy.


Advanced Technology

  • Generative AI, Machine Learning, NLP
  • Process orchestration and automation
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Security layers
  • Compliance layers
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Business Logic

  • Easily customizable for your decisions
  • Learns and recommends improvements
  • Flexible and adaptable by users
  • Humans in the Loop for control

Comprehensive Skills

  • Document management
  • Data management
  • Content creation and management
  • Print, File, Save, Delete,  Update
  • Data cleaning, analysis, consolidation
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Language translations
  • Decision support
  • Collaboration, interactive communication