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An experienced and accurate Contract Reader

Contract Reader | Digital Workforce

Marcel lets you focus on making decisions, not reading dense contracts. Rapidly understand your contracts with an AI-powered digital worker trained to simplify contract reading.

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Contract Reader Resume

Simplify contract reading with Marcel — A hyper-accurate digital worker

Marcel is our contract reading expert trained to analyze multiple types of contracts throughout most industries. Hiring Marcel gives you access to his valuable skill set, including:

  • Accurate analysis of legal contracts by performing customizable keyword searches to find essential information
  • Capable of analyzing PDFs, Word Docs, and spreadsheets 
  • Marcel can even perform signature verification

What strengths does Marcel bring to the team? He’s trained to immediately become a valued asset thanks to his essential strengths, such as:

  • Comparing contracts and reporting vital differences between them
  • Making notes and setting reminders for himself or his human counterparts
  • Supports multiple contracts, such as ASC 842 lease accounting, service agreements, and procurement contracts

Marcel knows how to work with the rest of your workflow, so he can seamlessly become part of the team. He’s ready to meet your unique needs by:

  • Extracting data into whichever framework you need, such as JSON, CSV, and more 
  • Integrating with both upstream and downstream apps and systems
  • Supporting human-in-the-loop contracting processing to improve operational efficiency

Explore Marcel’s Capabilities

Rapid Contract Analysis

Signature Verification

Classify & Extract Vital Data

Create Notes & Reminders

Compare Multiple Contracts

Integrate with Business Apps

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Marcel is ready to join the team and simplify your contract reading processes, freeing up your skilled human employees to focus on high-impact tasks. 

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