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Since 2017, we have been transforming the workplace with our innovative lineup of purpose-built digital workers. Our digital workers handle tedious manual tasks, so human workers can focus on more impactful, meaningful roles. Hire our digital workers to improve productivity while simultaneously increasing job satisfaction and retention.

The Ampliforce story

Ampliforce was founded on a simple idea—create digital workers that can quickly amplify the productivity of human workers. We believe that digital workers are a transformative force, unifying artificial and human intelligence through a collaborative ecosystem that unleashes the next wave of unified intelligence and Workforce Amplification™.

Since our founding in 2017, we have been at the leading edge of workforce transformation. We invest heavily in industry expertise and front-end advisory services that quickly assess and deploy digital workers in processes and tasks where they will have immediate payback and a lasting impact on their success. That’s why Ampliforce customers experience faster ROI, greater acceptance among human workers, and solutions that grow with their business needs. 

Deploy production-grade digital workers in weeks, not months

We’re the leading digital worker company when it comes to deploying fully customizable digital workers that solve your biggest challenges. From simple automation to complex enterprise integrations—we can help you deploy production-grade digital workers in weeks, not months.

Ampliforce is redefining enterprise automation by delivering industry specific digital worker solutions that deliver value in weeks not months!

Why it’s time to rethink the way we work​

Embracing the workplace of tomorrow means demystifying some of AI’s biggest myths.

Humans versus AI

Artificial intelligence powered digital workers are a positive force designed to empower and accelerate mission-critical outcomes by working with human workers, not by replacing them.

Automation is timeless

Traditional automation doesn’t evolve over time. That’s why many early AI solutions were quickly abandoned. Ampliforce AI-powered digital workers are sustainable and evolve as your business grows.

AI is a threat

Digital workers are the catalyst needed to accelerate a new collaborative foundation for the way in which humans will work, allowing your people to focus their capabilities on what they do best.

AI lacks intelligence

AI provides a new layer of scalable, collective intelligence that humans aren’t capable of achieving. But it can’t do that without the help of digital workers that make artificial intelligence practical and useable.

Management Team

Marco Buchbinder

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Bennett

Chief Product Officer

Giuseppe Taibi

Chief AI Scientist

George Bennett

VP Business Development

Our partners


Our partners



Rafferty Holdings – Ampliforce is privately funded by Rafferty Holdings, a diversified, financial service holding that founds, operates and majority owns several financial services businesses in investment banking, trading, sales, brokerage and asset management.

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