End-to-End IDP

Collect and process documents faster with Ampliforce intelligent document processing

Collect, process, and analyze documents faster with the end-to-end Ampliforce intelligent document processing.

Complete end-to-end solution

Our complete end-to-end solution means you don’t have to worry about third-party vendors.

Transparent, usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing means you can access production-grade AI and keep your costs predictable.

Optimize your data management processes

Gain control over the way you collect and process documents with a fully scalable solution.

How can intelligent document orocessing (IDP) Transform Your Workflows?​

Rapid digital transformation means today’s companies are processing more documents than ever. With the average invoice costing $5-$25 to process manually, IDP has the potential to make an impact where it matters most: on a company’s bottom line.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is an automation solution that captures, extracts, and converts unstructured data into usable formats. IDP does this using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

IDP gives organizations a reliable and scalable solution designed with accuracy in mind. From IDs to complex intake forms, IDP can do it all.

Ampliforce IDP gives your organization an end-to-end solution that can transform the way you collect and process documents.

IDP uses popular AI technologies to classify, extract, and export vital information from documents like invoices, IDs, and more. The entire process involves uploading your documents into Ampliforce IDP, extracting and validating that data, and converting it into a usable format that fits your workflows. And with human approvals, you can add another layer of validation to ensure accuracy and compliance.

IDP provides a variety of measurable benefits because it optimizes the collection and flow of an organization’s most important asset—its data.

Ampliforce IDP is an intuitive platform that provides significant cost-savings. Plus, the added confidence score ensures the high accuracy and streamlined process efficiency you need to scale your document processing workflows.

Ampliforce digital workers integrate our AI, IDP and RPA solutions.

Benefits of intelligent document processing​


One end-to-end solution

Forget selecting individual vendors for your AI, IDP, and RPA. Ampliforce IDP is a complete end-to-end solution for all your document processing needs. Quickly process documents, train the platform for new use cases, and optimize every aspect of your document processing workflows from one, convenient location.


Complete more documents—faster​​

Reduce your document processing time from hours to under a minute. Ampliforce IDP learns on-the-go, improving processing times, accuracy, and lowering your TCO. Every document is assigned a confidence score, making it easy for your teams to step in and validate individual documents.


Process documents at scale​​

Training new hires and complex AI solutions makes scaling an impossible task. With Ampliforce RPA, you can forget the months and years of training. Our RPA platform gives you everything you need to scale, making it easy for you to achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Work with a leader in IDP technology​

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