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Marketing Analyst | Digital Workforce

Miranda lets your marketing team focus on high-level strategies, not monitoring and analyzing data. Easily understand where you — and your competition — stand with our digital worker.

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Simplify market analysis with Miranda - A specialized digital worker

Miranda continuously monitors market data to help your team make data-driven decisions without time-intensive manual processes. Hiring Miranda grants access to her valuable skills, such as:

  • Capable of monitoring and analyzing publicly available market data, including social media sentiment and asset pools
  • Feed decisions directly back to ad buying platforms
  • Quickly analyze your industry and asset shifts, keeping you aware of significant trends

What strengths does Miranda bring to your marketing team? She’s trained to instantly become a valuable member of the team due to her fine-tuned strengths, including:

  • Able to gather information about your company, competitors, and industry to power strategic marketing decisions
  • Capable of analyzing social media sentiment metrics to make data-driven recommendations to her human counterparts
  • Ready to monitor the market capitalization for any defined tickers

Miranda knows exactly where to look for the critical data your company needs to make strategic decisions based on overall market conditions. She’s ready to meet your precise needs by:

  • Monitoring specific stocks, bonds, ETFs, or other assets to analyze important changes in the market
  • Working with your ad buying metrics and intelligently making changes based on what works
  • Providing real-time reports as configured so you always know where your market efforts and industry stand

Explore Miranda’s Capabilities

Continuous Ticker Monitoring

Analyze Social Media Sentiment

Feed Data to Ad Buying Platforms

Track KPI's Over Time

Make Data-Driven Recommendations

Report Vital Market Trends

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Ready to simplify market analysis?

Miranda is ready to join your marketing team to take the burden of manual data monitoring and analysis off your plate, letting your skilled marketers focus on the big decisions.

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