Simplify hiring and retention with a customizable digital workforce

Support your human workforce and fill in the gaps with flexible digital workers for any role.

A perfect storm is transforming the workforce

The great resignation, hybrid work, quiet quitting — attracting and retaining talent has never been more challenging. How are you filling in the gaps in your workforce to ensure your teams are focused on high-value tasks.

Keep up with changing workplace trends

Staying competitive means supporting your best people by removing friction from an already dwindling and frustrated workforce. Ampliforce’s specialized, purpose-built digital workers are the answer to your biggest workforce challenges.

Reimagine the meaning of work with a digital workforce

The workplace continues to change. Amplify human potential in the workplace by leveraging fully customizable, production-grade digital workers to support your people, processes, and technology to evolve your business.

Customizable Digital Workforce

Create a digital workforce that’s ready for anything

Support your best people and address workforce shortages by deploying digital workers into any role. Unlock the full potential of both human and machine by having them seamlessly work side-by-side.

Keep your human workforce focused on high-impact tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks that are slowing your teams down.

Reduce human error for administrative and data processing tasks.

Customize your digital workers to fit your use cases.

Meet our digital workforce team

We’ve created a powerful digital workforce that’s capable of amplifying human potential in your workplace to support your biggest outcomes.

Meet Andres


Andres understands the entire claims process and keeps everything running smoothly. He reduces time-intensive manual processes, letting your team focus on high-priority tasks.

Meet Marcel


Marcel lets you focus on making decisions, not reading dense contracts. Rapidly understand your contracts with an AI-powered digital worker trained to simplify contract reading.

Meet Jessica


Let Jessica handle the heavy lifting and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. Free up your skilled workforce for higher-impact tasks while Jessica keeps your accounts in good standing.

Meet Divya


Divya is ready to handle your most complex research requirements, freeing your best people up to focus on higher-impact tasks. She’ll report her findings with cited sources for easy review.

Meet Joshua


Joshua finds and compiles the data you need to acquire commercial real estate (CRE) assets. He eliminates manual data collection, empowering your teams to focus on the bigger picture.

Meet Damian


Damian knows the importance of having the correct information about any real estate assets you’re considering. He performs complex title searches on his own, eliminating tedious manual tasks.

Meet Miranda


Miranda lets your marketing team focus on high-level strategies, not monitoring and analyzing data. Easily understand where you — and your competition — stand with our digital worker.

Meet Colin


Colin handles the heavy lifting of your collections processes so your human workers can take on higher-level tasks. Keep your customer accounts paid with minimal intervention.

Meet Brian


Brian verifies that every contractor you hire has the right credentials to keep you compliant with EHS standards. He’s ready to quickly verify provided documents and spot any deficiencies.

Meet Lisa


Lisa will quickly and carefully process denied claims reconsideration requests, allowing your skilled workforce to focus on higher-impact tasks.

Streamlined Hiring

Simplify the hiring process with flexible digital workers

Finding and retaining high-quality employees is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses in all industries. Your ability to maintain a competitive workforce directly impacts your overall success. Keep your business outcomes on track with flexible digital workers ready to fill in the gaps in your workforce. 

Improve business resiliency by filling in the gaps in your workforce with skilled digital workers.

Unlock immediate value with a digital workforce that requires no onboarding, training, or ongoing support.

Redeploy your skilled human workers to high-value tasks that accelerate growth across the business.


How to amplify your workforce digital workers

Digital workers eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks in your workplace, allowing your most valuable human assets to contribute where they can make the biggest impact on your business.

Digital workers combine the best of AI, RPA, and machine learning to replicate some of the cognitive capabilities of knowledge workers, combining them with the raw processing power of machines.

Digital workers are different from every automation technology of the past.

While machine automation in factories sought to replace humans, digital workers aim to amplify human potential through collaboration and teamwork.

Digital workers are designed to amplify the creative potential of human workers. Some of their skills include: data mining, task management, contract review, data analysis, data gathering, data indexing, data labeling and decisioning.

They work and can think like a human, can be customized for a variety of industry-specific use cases, and adapt to changing workplace requirements over time.

Digital workers give your company a powerful tool that frees up human workers to focus on more creative and high-priority tasks. That means less time spent on manual tasks and processes that are best left to digital workers.

Digital workers are more than AI-driven labor, they can serve as a source of deep insights that work directly alongside your best people.

A successful digital transformation plan is one built with a unified workplace that leverages the best aspects of human and digital workers.

Free up your best people

Achieve your industry-specific use cases

Unlock the creative power of your best people by freeing them to focus on mission-critical tasks. Digital workers allow you to offload tedious manual tasks, giving your teams access to an AI-powered coworker that’s working towards the same outcomes.


Fill in the gaps on your teams​

Simplify the traditional hiring process by filling in your teams with adaptable digital workers. Digital workers can fill in a variety of roles, making it easy for you to collect and process more data, improve workflow accuracy, and free up your creatives to focus on non-automatable tasks.


Embrace the collaborative workplace​​

Create a workplace that embraces collaboration. Digital workers seamlessly integrate with your human workforce, allowing you to create a work environment that leverages the latest technology, trends, and more.

Reach your potential with a purpose-built digital workforce

Achieve your outcomes with fully customizable digital workers. Get in touch with our digital workers specialists to learn more.