Accelerate growth with AI-driven intelligent automation

Unlock the full potential of your IDP, RPA, and automation investments with an end-to-end AI solution that amplifies the decision-making process.

Computer vision

Deploy resilient automation solutions that can analyze and understand complex visual elements in your workflows.

Machine learning

Ensure your automation investments are continuously learning from the data and processes that drive your company forward.

Natural language processing

Simplify manual and repetitive tasks with solutions that can extract intent and sentiment from human language.

How can artificial intelligence enhance your automation journey?

Automation is only the starting point for most companies embarking on their AI journey. But automation alone isn’t enough. Artificial intelligence provides the necessary tools, machine learning capabilities, and analysis required to generate a positive ROI from your most valuable asset: your data.

The main purpose of AI is to generate insights and recommendations based on user behavior. 

Ampliforce AI powers our digital workers, giving companies a sophisticated solution that can streamline repetitive tasks, reduce human error, improve decision making, boost security, and ensure you are generating the most value out of the data and processes you rely on.

Artificial intelligence is the term used to describe technologies that can analyze, think, process, and collaborate with processes connected to both artificial and human intelligence.

Popular AI technologies like neural networks, deep learning, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing turn an organization’s data into deep, data-driven insights that are designed to enhance every step of the decision-making process.

Artificial intelligence is designed to ingest and process large amounts of data using sophisticated algorithms. AI generates insights through the use of search, logic, patterns, and models.

AI is typically divided into three categories:

    • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): A simple form of AI most commonly associated with machine learning.
    • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): A more sophisticated form of AI that is capable of matching human intelligence to some degree.
    • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): An extremely sophisticated AI that possesses capabilities far beyond a human brain.

Benefits of artificial intelligence​


Turn your RPA and IDP into intelligent solutions​​

Generate even more value out of your initial investments in RPA and IDP with a powerful solution built specifically for your business. Ampliforce supercharges your existing RPA and IDP solutions to create industry-specific Digital Workers that work collaboratively with your human workforce.


Integrate complex processes into your workflows​​​

Boost process efficiency across the organization by simplifying and integrating complex processes into your existing workflows. Ampliforce AI can improve process efficiency, freeing up your teams to focus on high priority tasks.


Embrace continuous learning with AI that learns with you​​

The data and processes you rely on change over time. With Ampliforce AI, improving the way your organization leverages its data and makes decisions is easy. Our AI for business solution grows with your company, continuously learning with each task and process it completes.


Futureproof your business with modular AI​

Long-term success means taking an integrative approach. Stay ahead of your competitors by creating the industry-specific use cases you need most. Our integration-friendly AI supports industry-leading RPA, IDP, and ERP solutions, as well as other complex system integrations.


Work with a leader in AI-driven intelligent automation

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