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We recognize the critical importance of putting in place the right foundation for your digital worker applications. All too often, traditional solutions, such as AI, IDP, and RPA have been deployed with the promise that they will simply learn about and automate your business processes as you use them. That’s why so many of these applications end up on a shelf after just a few months of deployment. 

Advisory services at a glance

Digital Worker Calculator

Scenario-Based Planning For Digital Workers

Time to deliver:
2-5 days

Digital Worker Process


Time to deliver:
5-10 days

Time-Based Analysis

A deep analysis of your business processes

Time to deliver:
2-4 weeks

Digital Worker Mapping

Mapping Digital Workers to Your Business

Time to deliver:

Ampliforce Digital Worker Calculator

Scenario-based planning for digital workers

Time to deliver: 2-5 days

The Ampliforce Digital Worker-Calculator is an analytical methodology that provides structured and objective analysis of the level of complexity associated with the deployment of digital workers.

Using a series of inputs specific to your industry and process, the calculator creates an interactive scenario-based planning environment to assess the impact of digital-workers within your organization.

  • Identify the ideal starting point for your Digital Worker journey
  • Determine how your organization will approach its Digital Worker deployment
  • Measure the impact of Digital Workers on your organization

Ampliforce Digital Worker Process

Implementation blueprint to help decide where digital workers will have the greatest impact

Time to deliver: 5-10 days

Our Process Flow methodology builds on the digital worker calculator, providing a blueprint that identifies precisely where the deployment of digital workers will have the greatest impact.

Ampliforce process consultants and subject matter experts perform a deep process analysis using a set of methodologies and proprietary software-based visualization tools, along with an extensive repertoire of business process modeling techniques, and interactive team-based methods.

  • Create an industry-specific blueprint that maps out your digital worker deployment
  • Balance short-term tactical applications of digital workers with the long-term strategic objectives
  • Gain insights into the current and future state of your processes

Ampliforce Time-Based Analysis

A deep analysis of your business processes

Time to deliver: 2-4 weeks

TBA is our cornerstone methodology for creating a detailed current and future state set of process maps, along with specific recommendations for the deployment of digital workers.

TBA deconstructs a business process into its component tasks and determines those areas of the business process that can realize the greatest benefit from the application of digital workers. TBA serves as the foundation of a detailed and successful deployment plan for digital workers.

  • Map out the complex rules, routes, queues, time, and resources that comprise a business process
  • Measure the impact of digital workers on your organization
  • Identify how digital workers will affect your culture, procedures, and infrastructure

Digital Worker Mapping

Mapping digital workers to your business

Time to deliver: 2-4 WEEKS

Automation projects raise multiple issues for which there are no easy answers. The development of strategies and solutions often means confronting complex challenges.

Digital Worker Mapping brings all these issues to light via a diagnostic methodology designed exclusively for digital worker analysis and planning. The methodology delivers a comprehensive set of documented metrics that identify opportunities for digital workers and a road map for their deployment.

  • Discover the potential for digital workers in your organization
  • Create a deployment roadmap that exposes quick wins and long-term opportunities
  • Identify major obstacles to deploying digital workers alongside human workers

About Ampliforce

Founded in 2017, Ampliforce has been at the leading edge of building digital workers. We’ve made it our mission to develop the services and industry-specific expertise needed to deploy digital workers in the fastest and most effective way available. While other companies may talk the talk, none have the depth of industry knowledge and the experience needed to ensure your digital worker success. 

Digital Workers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. From individual use cases to a wider industry focus, a successful Digital Worker initiative requires a personalized approach from start to finish.

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