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A hybrid WorkforcE


Your employees quickly analyzing key information, creating strategies that fuel performance and innovation. Meanwhile, operational, mundane tasks are orchestrated 24 x 7 with intelligence, accuracy, and productivity. That’s the power of Digital Workers. Just imagine:
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Amplifying Business Success

The Amplification Effect

The Amplification Effect refers to the value realized as Digital Workers enter your workforce.

The effect is far-reaching. Digital Workers amplify the value of your organization with increased productivity, performance, accuracy, and technology value while accelerating innovation and employee engagement

The Amplification Effect is not linear. Rather, it  accelerates over time due to the collaborative nature of an Intelligent Workforce, along with the ability to infinitely scale Digital Workers.

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“The three key value propositions we see with Digital Workers are:

Scale multiplier

Giving us the ability to create greater scale with the same staff headcount through efficiency and automation.

Staff assistants

Giving us the ability to direct mundane work to digital channels while more complex tasks can be addressed by staff.


Giving us the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data in a relatively short period of time and allow staff to focus on actionable insights from the data."
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George Marootian
EVP, Head of Technology
Digital Worker
Digital Worker

The Digital Worker Impact

Digital Workers in Action

Unlike chatbots and other basic automation, Digital Workers are highly intelligent, dynamically adaptive, fast to deploy, and fully transparent.  

Check out this sample case study from our CEO’s soon-to-be-released book, The Digital Worker Mandate. 

You’ll explore how Digital Workers change the way we work to increase revenue, decrease costs, mitigate risk, amplify in-place technology ROI,  compel employee engagement, and fuel bottom line performance.


Ready to Work for You

Digital workers arrive ready-to-work. 

They’re configured and trained to do the jobs you want them to do, offering immediate value.

There’s no need to invest in expensive IT integration projects or more siloed technology stacks. We test and validate all digital workers for functionality, performance, and interoperability with your in-house infrastructure. 

All you have to do is hire them and begin to enjoy amplified performance.

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Ampliforce digital workers increase our compliance reporting accuracy, reduce time spent on reporting, and proactively alert to potential compliance violations.


Rob Nestor